Preventive Maintenance Regime

We strive to keep our clients’ internal combustion engine applications running smoothly and uninterruptible at a minimum cost.

This is achieved by carrying out the following services:

1) Carbon (fuel) clean service. State of the art fuel cleaning machines are used, and accompanied by fuel clean detergents to decarbonize all the fuel system components (fuel rails, fuel lines, injector nozzles, and fuel pumps). This service reduces excess emissions pollution to the environment; smoother and enhanced engine performance, prolonged usability of the engine; and 30% fuel cost savings.

2) Cooling system service. Clogged, and corroded cooling system components (radiators, water pump impeller blades, engine blocks, expired coolant, etc.), are the major causes of overheating problems reported by our customers. A cooling system flush machine is used to help remove corrosion in the cooling system

3) Lubrication (engine oil system) service. The accumulation of engine oil sludge in the oil galleries of an engine application such as the oil pump, camshaft, crankshaft, and oil filters are responsible for the major engine failures experienced by vehicle owners. To eliminate the tendency of a potential engine failure, vehicles are decarbonized and dislodged using an engine lubrication service machine alongside a dislodging detergent.


Fuel System Service Performed on a Mitsubishi Canter Truck and a Hyster Forklift shown above


Sludge, being the by-product of the diesel fuel system service; and responsible for 90% injector and nozzle system failures in Nigeria.

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